build use steel glass
  bulletproof glass
  heat ply glass
  hit empty glass
  nip glue glass
  stage set weave
  hair dressing glass
  hit empty Europe type glass
  Plating Film Glass
  Press Glass
  Steel Fitment Glass
Your Position:Culture

1¡¢idea:£ºseek excellence, create perfection
2¡¢Operation policy£ºfull play its advantage, incarnate characteristic, pioneer and innovate,set the trend
3¡¢Spirit£ºrespect work, practical, high-efficient, innovation
4¡¢Style of work£ºpositive ,steady, honest, keep faith
5¡¢Managerial style£ºstress management inside, set up image outside
6¡¢Development strategy£ºsurvive on high quality, seek development by benefit
7¡¢Quality policy£ºactualize CCC standard, promote management level, establish brand of Ruiyao, meet the need of customer
8¡¢Service theory£ºsatisfy user is our maximal wish, user